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Dr. Shor Was Featured on CBS and spoke about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Lyme Disease

"Dr. Samuel Shor of Internal Medicine of Northern Virginia, says a tick bite may or may not produce a bullseye rash.  However there are other symptoms to look for.

Dr. Shor says, "anywhere from five days to 15 days after the tick bite there could be a flu-like illness, low grade fever, aches and muscle pain."

Click here to learn more at the HBot NOVA website>>


  IMNV Now Offering Labcorp Services On-Site for established patients only.  Call to Schedule.  Walk-ins also Welcome!

   The content contained in this website is based on the opinion, clinical experience and clinical findings of Drs. Samuel Shor, Crystal Barnwell and Nurse Practitioner Irina Nikitina. It may not reflect the opinion of the general medical community, as opinion within the medical community is deeply divided regarding the best approach for treating Lyme disease.


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Dr. Shor discusses his perspective of Lyme disease

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Practicing General Internal Medicine, our practice also provides a comprehensive management approach to patients suffering from chronic fatigue and associated conditions. These include fibromyalgia, dysautonomias, sleep disorders and chronic Lyme disease. We accept patients 16 years and older.

Samuel Shor, MD, FACP  
Associate Clinical Professor
George Washington University Health Care Sciences

Ogechi Anyaoku, MD, MSPH  
Internal Medicine                           

Eva Coleman, MD  
Internal Medicine

Tracy Kirschner, PT, DPT, CDT  
Integrative PT: Doctor of Physicial Therapy


Samuel Shor, MD, FACP
Associate Clinical Professor
George Washington University Health Care Sciences

Selected four times by his peers as a Washingtonian TOP DOCTOR, Dr. Shor has also been selected by Best Doctors.com and Washington Consumer's Checkbook best Primary Care Physicians. As a General Internist Dr. Shor continues to provide holistic, empathic care. Attempting to take an academic approach, Dr. Shor is presently published in peer review journals in the field of chronic fatigue and Lyme disease, for which he has gained national recognition [1-3]. In addition, Dr. Shor has also developed particular expertise and has become a local referral resource in the management of fibromyalgia and Lyme disease. Effective September 2010, Dr. Shor was a member of Governor McDonnell's task force on Lyme disease. Since 2012 he has chaired the Loudoun County Lyme Commission. 

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  8. Shor, S Retrospective analysis of a cohort of Internationally Case Defined Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients in a Lyme endemic area Bulletin of the IACFS/ME.2011;18(4):109-123.
  9. Member of Virginia Governor McDonnell's task force on Lyme disease 2010-2011, position paper published June 30, 2011





Eva Coleman, MD
Internal Medicine

Dr. Eva Coleman, MD, has joined our practice specializing in the treatment of various chronic disorders including lyme disease. With the goal of releasing her patient's suffering, Dr. Coleman was the founder of Harmony Medica after over two decades of experience in the medical field. She first became involved with Bioidentical Hormones during her time at Stanford University Medical Center in 1997 while participating in a cohort study conducted by the National Cancer Institute. She has been devoted to offering Anti-Aging Medicine and treating Hormone Imbalance in both women and men. Dr. Coleman is an active member of the American College of Physicians and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.



Ogecghi Anyaoku, MD, MSPH
Internal Medicine

Dr. Ogechi Anyaoku has a special interest in Chronic Fatigue and Lyme Disease. She first obtained her Master’s Degree in Public Health and Emerging Infectious Diseases (MSPH), from George Washington University where she also completed medical school and then went on to complete her Residency at Georgetown University/Medstar Washington Hospital Center.

Throughout her medical training, Dr. Anyaoku had the opportunity to work with Dr. Samuel Shor, and the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS). This association only fueled her desire to serve this unique patient population. She has said, “ As part of this practice, I value my patients as individuals and look forward to earning their trust through compassionate, responsive and individualized care.”                                                                  



Tracy Kirschner PT, DPT, CDT
Integrative PT: Doctor of Physical Therapy 

Tracy Kirschner specializes in physical therapy evaluation and treatment of patients with chronic fatigue, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, Lyme and associated diseases. She brings a unique perspective to understanding and treating the complicated patient. Tracy’s passion for health and nutrition infuse her comprehensive clinical approach for treating the individual as a whole. Tracy received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the Medical College of Virginia, her advanced Master of Science in Motor Control from Boston University, and her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from Boston University. She is a pioneer in the development of physical therapy management for individuals with chronic Lyme disease.





We presently offer email communications, refills and online payment. We anticipate additional services to include online appointment scheduling, medical record access and more. If you are interested in learning more about our innovative clinic, please contact Internal Medicine of Northern Virginia at www.intmednova.com or 703.709.1119.