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We care about providing the best in quality, accessible healthcare for you and your family.  Our patient portal provides secure, 24/7 access to communicate with your medical provider and let us of know of your medical needs.


If you would like to learn more about our practice or are interested in becoming a new patient, please visit our websites at:





Guidance will be provided on these websites for the process of getting registered by calling our office to establish your secure access.  Once you are registered as a new patient, you will receive an activation code and then can easily login here on the portal.


Once you become registered or as an established patient, a number of features will be available to you:

Completing your new patient medical history and questionnaires

Communicating electronically and securely with your medical care team

Requesting prescription renewals

Receiving Lab results

Paying any outstanding charges

URGENT New Patients

Note: We are not an urgent care center. However, given our interest in the management of tick borne illnesses such as Lyme disease, we are making an effort to provide the management for SELECTED individuals on an urgent basis. If you feel that you fulfill criteria for any of the following conditions, please proceed as described below. I appropriate, we will try to expedite your evaluations, POTENTIALLY same day. Please do not walk into our office with the expectation of our seeing you without this urgent screening process. At any point in time you may want to consider an urgent evaluation at a local urgent care center or emergency room. Thank you in advance.

URGENT New Patients


1)           Actually embedded tick

2)           Obvious tick bite in the last 72 hours [ideally bringing in tick for visual characterization-but not required]

3)           EM rash actually present. IF one qualifies for the Nanotrap study* In essence, presents with a clinician determined EM rash (IDEALLY-if recall a tick attachment at the site of this new rash): 

a.     FREE initial office visit and a follow-up visit 30 days later

b.     FREE urine Nanotrap testing (at baseline and 30 days later)

c.     covered blood test to screen for Lyme disease-if not covered by your insurance

d.     ILADS guidelines recommendations for treatment

Note: to be enrolled in this study, having the above at no cost requires completion of the above visits and Nanotrap collections

Determination of appropriateness for urgent evaluation

If you feel that one of the above scenarios is appropriate and you are seeking an urgent evaluation with one of our clinicians, please c all our receptionist at 703 709-1119 and indicate your request

     Anticipated fees:


                      By one of our Associates









       NEW PATIENT Complex chronic symptoms


 FOLLOW UP Evaluations**

       Routine follow up dependent upon complexity



If a comprehensive complex visit may be felt to be warranted by the clinicians:

up to $500


* Free if qualify for the NANOTRAP study above

** Fees to be determined by the clinician dependent upon the complexity

Please note: this will include a NONREFUNDABLE deposit for urgent $75 and $300 deposit for chronic patients