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Emails are NOT to be used for urgent messages.  For a life threatening emergency call 911. If you are not sure of the appropriate course of action err on the side of caution. Otherwise, please call our office at 703 709-1119 and ask to speak with a nurse urgently. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: We require 72 hour notification to cancel all office visits during regular business hours [i.e. excluding weekends]. Fees will be incurred comensurate to the office visit that had been scheduled. This includes physical therapy appointments as well. We also reserve the right to reschedule any patient who is more than 15 minutes late, at which time a "No Show" fee will be applied that is the same as the cancellation fee.

In addition, we reserve the right to request reimbursement for extended email exchanges and phone calls.


  Dr. Shor Speaks about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Lyme Disease on CBS


"Dr. Samuel Shor of Internal Medicine of Northern Virginia, says a tick bite may or may not produce a bullseye rash.  However there are other symptoms to look for.

Dr. Shor says, "anywhere from five days to 15 days after the tick bite there could be a flu-like illness, low grade fever, aches and muscle pain."

Click here to learn more at the HBot NOVA website>>


  IMNV Now Offering Labcorp Services On-Site for established patients only.  Call to Schedule.  Walk-ins also Welcome!

   The content contained in this website is based on the opinion, clinical experience and clinical findings of Drs. Samuel Shor, Eboni Cornish and Crystal Barnwell and Nurse Practitioner Irina Nikitina. It may not reflect the opinion of the general medical community, as opinion within the medical community is deeply divided regarding the best approach for treating Lyme disease.


URGENT New Patients

Note: We are not an urgent care center. However, given our interest in the management of tick borne illnesses such as Lyme disease, we are making an effort to provide the management for SELECTED individuals on an urgent basis. If you feel that you fulfill criteria for any of the following conditions, please proceed as described below. I appropriate, we will try to expedite your evaluations, POTENTIALLY same day. Please do not walk into our office with the expectation of our seeing you without this urgent screening process. At any point in time you may want to consider an urgent evaluation at a local urgent care center or emergency room. Thank you in advance.


1)      Actually imbedded tick

2)      Obvious tick bite in the last 72 hours [ideally bringing in tick for visual characterization-but not required]

3)      EM rash actually present [recognizing that this is a self-limited rash that by anticipated clinical course would generally resolve spontaneously within 2weeks of onset]


Determination of appropriateness for urgent evaluation

If you feel that one of the above scenarios is appropriate and you are seeking an urgent evaluation with one of our clinicians, please proceed with:

1)      Completion of the attached symptom questionnaire [Please be prepared to communicate the summary score of this questionnaire to our receptionist when requesting this visit

2)      Call our receptionist at 703 709-1119 and indicate your request

a.       Please anticipate being asked several other screening questions

b.      Anticipated fees:








URGENT/COMPLEX-standard paradigm





 FOLLOW UP Evaluations




Urgent expedited expansion after a basic evaluation*






 Routine more complex-standard


* Fees to be determined by the clinician dependent upon the complexity

Please note: this will include a NONREFUNDABLE $150 deposit